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Fry Pans for Gas Stove

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This is the thinking in order when I bought it in a pot, listed for reference: daily maintenance: ordinary household actually is not high to the requirement of the pot, but should pay more attention to the requirement of maintenance, buy a nurse daily, after frying pan can improve a lot of happiness index (especially for me such a lazy carcinoma) : whether can be directly with the washing? Cold or hot water? Can I use a dishwasher and detergent? Do you need to control the oil after washing? And so on. If you don't cook much or you don't want to spend too much energy on the maintenance of the kitchen, it's not necessary to buy an iron pan or a cast iron pot. • the size, depth and thickness of the frying pan: in general, it is better to make the oil or food material covered with the bottom of the pot, 2 people use, 20 or 24cm is sufficient, the size is suitable, convenient to receive; One person can consider 18 or 20cm, not too small (unless specially used for Fried eggs), easy to hold; More than 3 people or from the perspective of operation, 26-30cm of disposable food products more, more convenient. If you have two or more frying pans in your home, you can buy them in different sizes. Shallow is not easy to pass shallow, even make a Fried dumpling, also need to let water stew! Bao hou mainly refers to the body and of pan, although the special thin special cheap frying pan throw up and don't worry about, but actually do meal is not good to pot body temperature has just come up, the ingredients will drop down. Also, the material is thin and easily deformed and burned, and the frequency of replacement is high, so it is better to buy a slightly better one with some money (for example, the X family is throwing the pot in that month). • is the pot body integrated? Is there a coating? And so on. One body molding will not drop bottom, the coating pot can not bear too high temperature. • do you have any other requirements besides daily use? For example, the Fried steak needs to have a good heat storage effect, and some of the dishes that have been Fried before frying should be put into the oven, and the frying pan should be all-metal and so on. If it's just "maybe," and "once a year," that's pretty much a no-brainer.














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