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What Product Use Does Iron Have?
- Jan 04, 2018 -

Iron widely distributed in life, accounting for 4.75% of the earth's crust, second only to oxygen, silicon, aluminum, ranking the fourth in the crust, soluble in strong acid and medium strong acid, insoluble in water. Because of the physical and chemical properties of iron, easy processing, it is used in many industries, we know what is the industry? Next, manufacturers will talk about iron products for everyone to use.

1, pure iron for the generator and motor core, reduced iron powder for powder metallurgy, steel used in the manufacture of machinery and tools. this

2, for pharmaceuticals, pesticides, powder metallurgy, combustion active agent, catalyst, water clean adsorbent, powder metallurgy products, all kinds of mechanical parts products, carbide materials products.

In addition, iron and its compounds are also used in making magnets, pigments, abrasives and the like.

3, as a reducing agent. For iron salt preparation. Also used in the preparation of electronic components.

4, in the electronics industry, powder metallurgy, machinery industry has a wide range of uses.