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The Practical Value Of The Pan
- Jan 04, 2018 -

The pan is a convenient cooker for decocting food. The pan is suitable as a healthy snack for baking, baking, stewing, roasting or sauteing seafood, meat and poultry dishes, cooking vegetables or eating with your fingers. Easy to use, just a few minutes to cook a wide variety of cuisine.

The pan pan is tight, causing grease and vapor remnants to accumulate inside the pan. As you open the pan, these aggregates drip onto the drip pan, so there's no more stubborn stains and odors , Easy to clean, and not dirty!

When using the pan for the first time, wash the pan with a mild detergent and water, then dry with a soft cloth. Do not use detergents or any rough metal scrubber or rag so as not to scratch the nonstick surface of the pot body.

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