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Stainless Steel Pot Usage
- Jan 04, 2018 -

First, check whether the new pot outside the label, if any, have to tear the label. Some label sticking hard to tear, at this time you can drop a few drops of wind on the label, such as wind cream completely labeled moisture, it is easy to tear off.

Second, drop two drops of detergent on the wet cotton cloth (Volkswagen brand can), wiping the inside and outside with a rag cookware.

Third, the lid must rub.

Fourth, do not forget the bottom wipe pot.

Five, rinse (must wash thoroughly rinse thoroughly).

Sixth, into the pot into the water and a little white vinegar, shake the pot, let the vinegar water to wash each part of the pot.

Seven, wipe the pot with absorbent paper.

Eight, rest assured that the pot you boil cook anything you like to eat.

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