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New Pot Of Impurities How To Remove
- Jan 04, 2018 -

1. The new wok pan all the labels removed, wash the pot with flowing hot water; wipe the water, the pot placed on the stove, drying small and medium-sized fire.

2. Fat pork under the pot, with the kitchen folder "by" live fat pork, use it as a "soap" to the general use of the inner ring to the outer ring was spirally kept in the pot wall wipe, so spill Grease evenly over the entire pot.

3. With the constant wipe, the pot overflow melting black lard more and more, "soap" will be darker and smaller.

4. The whole pot away from the stove fire, pour black lard, clean with kitchen paper, hot water purify the pot dry, set the stove fire repeated steps two, three, four.

5. Fattening pork surface after the hard coke, you can use a knife to remove the surface sheet after the wok wipe; rub each more round, the pot surface will appear cleaner than before, so until fattening pork is no longer black Can be.