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How To Buy Stainless Steel Wok
- Jan 04, 2018 -

First, steel. With magnetic and non-magnetic. With magnetic than non-magnetic easy to rust, so that understanding is too general, in fact, with no magnetic does not mean that the quality of rust, mainly depends on the steel material. Non-magnetic materials are mainly 201 and 304, with the main magnetic 430 and YH21CT, 430 magnetic non-magnetic 201 stainless steel rust slightly stronger, followed by YH21CT, 304 stainless steel to adopt the US standard of a non-magnetic stainless steel, Austenitic, used in high-end steamer. Second, the bottom of the pot. Most non-magnetic steamer has an additional bottom, called the complex bottom, the bottom of a magnetically permeable sheet, itself can not directly on the induction cooker on the use, with the complex bottom can be used, and the bottom of the anti-pot Body deformation effect.