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Cast Iron Pot And Cooked Wok Which Is Good
- Jan 04, 2018 -

1, wrought iron ductile performance, high toughness, forging the pot can be relatively thin, cooked wok fast heat transfer, and more brittle pig iron, cast iron production process using pot, can not produce relatively thin, heat transfer pot There is no cooked wok fast, so if you save fuel and electricity from the provincial diesel fuel saving and power point of view, cooked wok than pig iron more appropriate.

2, from the daily maintenance to consider, pig iron to save some. Often use the case, as long as do not abuse the detergent to thoroughly wash away the surface of the oil film, cooking timely cleaning, pig iron pot is not easy to rust; and cooked iron pot you need to use after scrub clean dry water, or coated with oil film, Otherwise easy to rust.