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How to use winter frying pan
- Jan 04, 2018 -

1, the use of electric wok need to observe the electric wok power cord with the socket with a good, only with the power outlet with a good case to use.

2, pay attention to the temperature control, need to be transferred to the lower temperature, then you can adjust the temperature more.

3, electric wok best buy wooden handle or plastic handle, remember to get the spatula wet hand. Metal is a conductive body, cooking time with the electric wok do not hand cooking, one hand open the tap, otherwise it will cause electric shock. When its use is completed, the inner pot is still in high temperature, should not touch it by hand to prevent burns and burns.

4, pay attention to the electric wok cleaning, power plug and electric wok cleaning, can not be directly rinsed with water. Can not be soaked in water to prevent leakage.

5, electric frying pan after use should be eight plug, electric frying pan should be placed in a dry place, to avoid direct sunlight, can not be placed too damp place to prevent damage to the power supply.