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High-end steamer how to buy
- Jan 04, 2018 -

1. Mainly look at the steel material. Non-magnetic materials are mainly 201 and 304, with the main magnetic 430 and YH21CT, 430 magnetic non-magnetic 201 stainless steel rust slightly stronger, followed by YH21CT, 304 stainless steel to adopt the US standard of a non-magnetic stainless steel, Austenitic, used in high-end steamer.

2. The bottom of the pot, a good pot is a three-layer composite at the end, holding two layers of magnetic sheet, while some pots are only a simple layer of magnet, looks very large package, the magnetic permeability is not good, and Affect the life of induction cooker.

3 pot, lid with steel cover, glass cover, cover three. The general low-grade magnetic steamer for the glass cover, like Supor Aishi low-grade steamer and more for the glass cover, high-end steamer and more for the cover. Combined cover costs are relatively high.