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Cookware wok for the first time how to deal with
- Jan 04, 2018 -

Cookware wok to do first taste treatment. With 1: 1 water and cooking oil in the pot, add a tea, boil. It is best to use animal fat, oil enough to scrub next door. After boil, the fire is small, with a spatula to oily water pouring over the pot wall, more than shower several times. After the cease-fire, oil and water blanched, if there are fine sand, sawdust or chaff, add a few to the oil and water, no can not add, and then brush the whole pot with a brush. Then pour the oil and water, rinse with hot water, then proceed to the next step.

If you do not want to do with the greasy way to taste treatment, you can use a new pot to cook a pot of green bean porridge. After the gruel is opened, it is boiled down and boiled until the gruel is cooked, and then the porridge is naturally cooled. After the cold gruel, you dumped porridge, this gruel is not edible, the pot with ginger scrub pot walls, rinse with hot water. No ginger, you can directly brush the hot water.

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