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Electric Induction Heating Cooker with LED Touch Control

Electric Induction Heating Cooker with LED Touch Control

General Introduction: Electric slow cooker Gemside automatic meal cooker is our company own innovative production. Automatic meal cooker is to simplify the cooking methods, with multiple sensors and a micro-processor, it is capable of completely replacing pressure cooker, slow cooker,...

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To solve the fault
Here are some tips to use, so if the rice cooker is broken, how should you solve it? Don't worry, slowly tell you:
Usually, the rice cooker is used for more than two years, and the metal in the power supply is easily oxidized or loose in contact. In this way, the plug socket joint is easy to fire or heat, allowing it to go down can lead to the burning of rice cooker. The method of attention is: before electric rice cooker is used, often check whether the power plug socket has the oxidation layer, loose and so on. If have these phenomenon, commonly use a knife to scrape, or use sandpaper to wipe all can have maintenance effect; Loose ends with "502" glue or silicone rubber to repair.
When cooking, it is not careful to overflow the water, or the weather change causes the socket to be affected by the damp, or the overwork of the fire brake makes the bakelite block gradually charred, which causes the bakelite insulation resistance to become smaller. This situation can be prevented as long as a little attention is given.
Sometimes, because the rice cooker is not flatten, the inner pot and hot plate are suspended, causing the heating plate to be unable to heat and burn. This situation can be avoided as long as the inner pot is placed in a rotation.
In addition, there are times when the rice is cooked and kept on. This is rice cooker spring of magnetic control switch lose the elasticity, cause the rice cooker arrived at 103 ℃ after thermal magnetic piece of excitation-loss, can quickly cut off power supply. The solution is to restore the spring to elastic and replace the new spring.

General Introduction:

Electric slow cooker

Gemside automatic meal cooker is our company own innovative production. Automatic meal cooker is to simplify the cooking methods, with multiple sensors and a micro-processor, it is capable of completely replacing pressure cooker, slow cooker, sauté/braising pan, rice cooker/porridge maker, steamer, stockpot warmer and yogurt maker. Moreover, with only pressing one button, all procedure can be executed automatically; it can cook more than 300dishes automatically. If you like you can enjoy delicious food everyday at home.



Electric slow cooker

Operation mode

Automatic operation


  1. 1. Cooking automatically

  2. 2. non-smoke oil;

  3. 3. anti-boiled over;

  4. 4. non-sticky/burnt;

Manual operation




15 items

Thickness of pot


Size of pot





10 levels adjustable


110V or 220V

Package size



12hours of delaying cooking




Micro computer control, LCD screen


DVD, cookbook, manual, cup

The Gemside cooker have achieved 7 patterns of inventions, it has FOUR unique features:

1 Temperature measurement in three—dimensional way

Precisely temperature measurement ensure best cooking duration and temperature

2 No oil-smoke

The temperature in bottom of wok is strictly controlled under 180centigrade, ensuring ZERO oil-smoke, and non-high pressure cooking for more delicious food

3, Non-sticky

Realize reverse adjusting between inside temperature and heat control, Burning will not happen even you forget to add water.

4, non—boiled over

Anti-boiled over electrode design above the lid.

5, both automatic and manual operation is available. As manual, you can cook dishes per your specific request, like enjoying hot pot with your family and friends.



Temperature measurements are installed at bottom of wok, realizing three-dimensional temperature measurement and control. According to the test, when oil temperature is over 180, it will smoke; while ours controls about 160, non-oil smoke, Non-sticky due to temperature control and heating adjustment automatically.


Electronic anti-boiled over system (the lid and pot body combined together to form an electrode). Anti-spill plate and probe, combined with temperature control system, if boiled water touch the probe, then heating will be adjusted automatically, non-spill out.



E151 is equipped with four kinds of functions in total, that is, Automatic Sauce Reduction (Referred to as ASR), Homely (Referred to as H), Stew (referred as S), and staple food(referred as SF).

ASR consists of six cooking functions; These functions almost cover coooking duration and temperature for all meat material, so it can cook over hundred meat dishes, such as prime rib with black pepper, boiled mutton, sweet and sour spare ribs, braised fish in brown sauce, curry chicken and so on.


Here is the real picture of dishes made by our Gemside automatic cooker


[Stew] including [S•Stewed Chicken], [S•Rib Stew], [S•slow slimmer]. These functions almost cover all stewing methods, so it can cook all kinds of soup, such as chicken soup, bone soup and bortsch, etc.


There are Three H functions: [H•assorted Stew] [H•Boiled eggs] [H•Dry up cooking], it can cook homely dishes, such as shredded pork with garlic sauce, water spinach, vinegar-pepper soup…….


Staple Food Functions including [SF•Boiled Noodles], [SF•Rice Porridge], [SF• Steamed Rice], mainly for staple foods.


Training and Accessories

Electric slow cooker

It is easy to operation, and we have manual, DVD, and Special Recipes for the product D12


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